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Thermal insulation

Thermal insulation

Energy savings

Dominó knows that an optimal use of energy is essential for today’s business. Saving energy is not just about having cheaper equipment and implementing sustainable solutions based on renewable energies. It's also about not spending. In other words, the best energy saving is often energy that is not consumed.

In this sense, Dominó established a collaboration with Ewen, a company of the Helexia Group, with measures to prevent the loss of temperature in several equipments.

Ewen created an innovative thermal insulation equipment for the industry: the e+Jackets. The e+Jackets are insulating covers that maintain the temperature of the equipment, preventing energy loss. With an exclusive design and the possibility of being personalized, they are made only with the highest quality materials and manufactured by dedicated craftspeople.

At Dominó, customized insulation was applied to five types of equipment that are part of the factory's drying process and whose surfaces are at 140ºC. e+Jackets are specially designed also to facilitate periodic maintenance during industrial operation. In this project, they were manufactured with the real shapes of the equipment, to be more efficient, reducing heat losses by 95% and with productivity gains of 90% in the maintenance activity (assembly/disassembly).

The reduction of Dominó's carbon footprint will contribute to an increase in competitiveness due to cost reduction and, through its environmental responsibility, contribute to a cleaner Planet.