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Environmental measures

Environmental measures

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Along with all the energy measures implemented by Dominó in the last decade, there are other environmental and sustainability measures applied by the company. In 2013, Dominó Cerâmicas achieved the ISO 14001 standard certificate. This environmental management norm has brought continuous improvements in Dominó different processes, properly forwarding and treating the waste produced.

In factory production processes, when there is any waste of pre- and post-fired ceramic paste, Dominó sends it in different ways. The waste from the unfired ceramic paste processes is reintroduced in the grinding process and enters the production process again, and the waste from the fired ceramics is sent for recovery in other processes external to Dominó.

Through this valorization of ceramic paste waste, Dominó is also annually developing new product series of high technical and graphic quality with recycled enamels, collected from process waste, bringing the reuse and creation of a value-added product.

Also duly treated by Dominó, the liquid effluents are internally recycled, without discharges to the exterior, as well as all the continuous monitoring of gaseous effluents with a good performance achieved.