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120x120cm Size

120x120cm Size

Investment in Innovative and Unique Technology in Portugal to create ceramic formats with large dimensions

Recently, Dominó completed an investment project of € 8 million, acquiring equipment that will allow us to have the cutting-edge technology in the production of ceramics wall and floor tiles. From all equipments acquired, it stands out the “Contínua” Technology. Contínua is an equipment of ceramic production, developed by SACMI, which allows the production of formats with large dimensions. This substantial investment will make Dominó the unique company able to produce 120×120 cm formats in Iberian Peninsula, and one of the few in the world.

Focused on exportation, Dominó has been growing and winning new markets, having a very positive consumer acceptance all over the world. With this new 120×120 cm format, Dominó becomes a company much more competitive either in the national market or in the international market. To emphasize the fact, this new technology allows the reduction of production costs with less environmental impacts.

Dominó, Indústrias Cerâmicas S.A., headquartered in the Industrial Zone of Condeixa, it’s a company which produces ceramics wall and floor tiles. Working since 1988, Dominó is based on a policy of constant technological upgrading, which has allowed the company’s growth over the years.

“Preparing the future”

Press Release // Condeixa // November 27 // 2012